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Lpg installation, service & recertification

As well as the installation of Liquid and Vapour LPG systems, Beechboro Mechanical & Auto Gas can also service and repair them as required.

Our highly experienced LPG technicians can run a full diagnostic check, including a detailed safety inspection of your LPG system to ensure it is performing at peak efficiency. We also provide complete gas tank recertification, tuning and repair services.

LPG tanks in vehicles must be inspected once they have been in use for 10 years.

This includes having the tank itself tested for structural integrity and testing of emergency pressure relief valves for proper function and safety. Having passed the inspection and components having been replaced where applicable, the LPG tank will be date stamped to confirm it is safe to use for another 10 years.

What does an LPG recertification involve?

The LPG Tank will usually need to be removed from the vehicle to enable a complete inspection. LPG Tanks that designed to spend the majority of their life inside the vehicle will often be in very good condition, but tend to be harder to access.

4WD and commercial vehicles will often have their LPG tanks mounted on the underside or outside of the vehicle. This means they are usually easier to access, but the nature of their positioning means they are also more exposed to the elements and corrosion or other damage is much more likely.

How much does LPG recertification cost?

The actual cost of testing an LPG tank will vary from vehicle to vehicle. On some vehicles it may be a relatively simple task to gain access to the LPG tank, but in some cases it often proves more difficult and could involve removing other components to gain access to the tank itself. Contact us and tell us a bit about your vehicle and we can give you more of an idea on cost.

Beechboro Mechanical & Auto Gas are specialists in the supply, fitting and inspection of both Vapour Injection and liquid injection LPG systems. Speak with the team today or book online!

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